Mazuri Ambassador Program

Mazuri GameFi is testing a new Ambassador Program and invites keen members from the web3 community to participate and earn.

  1. Ambassador Requirements:

  • Ambassadors must have a deep understanding of the Mazuri GameFi project and its features( documentation and support will be provided by the Mazuri GameFi team)

  • They should have experience in the blockchain gaming or NFT industry.

  • They must have an active presence on social media and be able to create high-quality content.

  • They should be able to help with community engagement by answering questions and providing feedback.

  • Good to have - multi-lingual

  1. Ambassador Rewards:

  • Ambassadors will receive a fixed number of tokens for every new user they onboard.

  • They will receive a percentage of the tokens earned by users they referred( upon completion of 3 months on the team)

  • They will receive exclusive NFTs that are not available to the general public( or Whitelist and free mint options)

  • They will receive early access to new features and updates.

  • They will be invited to exclusive events and meetings with the Mazuri GameFi team.

  • They will receive special recognition on the Mazuri GameFi website and social media.

  • Limited edition Mazuri merchandise.

  • Access and invite to IRL events.

  • A monthly stipend upon completion of the probation period - 30 days.

  1. Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Ambassadors will promote the Mazuri GameFi project on social media platforms and other online forums.

  • They will help answer questions from the community and provide feedback to the Mazuri GameFi team.

  • They will onboard new users to the platform by sharing referral links and information about the project.

  • They will create high-quality content such as blog posts, videos, and graphics to promote the project.

  • They will provide feedback to the Mazuri GameFi team on new features and updates.

  1. Application Process:

  • Interested individuals will submit an application form with their personal and professional details, including their experience in the blockchain gaming or NFT industry, social media presence, and content creation skills.

  • The Mazuri GameFi team will review the applications and select the most qualified candidates to become Ambassadors.

  • Selected Ambassadors will sign an agreement outlining their responsibilities, rewards, and other terms and conditions.

  1. Tracking and Reporting:

  • The Mazuri GameFi team will track the performance of each Ambassador, including the number of users onboarded, tokens earned, and content created.

  • The team will provide regular reports to the Ambassadors on their performance and rewards earned.

To apply for the Ambassador Program, please fill in the form here - Mazuri GameFi Ambassador Application

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