$MZR token is the utility token of Mazuri city

Usage of the token

$MZR token is used for in-game transactions, duels, tournaments prize pools, and the purchase of in-game assets such as estates, services, customization items, or other commodities.

Different types of NFTs are minted according to their utility. therefore: for game entry, the NFT of the player's character gets minted as soon as it's purchased with our $MZR token. Limited in-game commodities have limited numbers of NFTs, whereas in-game Services get NFTs minted for them, for every player that makes a purchase.

Extended utility list

Deflationary MZR utilities (350,000,000 and no more):

  • MZR is the DAO government token of the Mazuri DAO, After the centralized phase, the governance of Mazuri will be conducted in the form of DAO, i.e. through the token holder voting process. The mechanics of voting are quite simple, a person locks their tokens inside a smart contract and receives voting power for each token they have locked. We are using logic similar to projects like Mango Markets and Ape DAO. Governance is needed to manage the staking criteria, in-game rewards, and any other subsequent changes to the protocol.

  • Purchase of in-game vehicles (cars, planes, yachts)

  • Acquisition of in-game real estate (apartments, houses, gyms)

  • Purchasing exclusive celebrity NFTs at Mazuri Market-Place

  • The organization of in-game tournaments and brawls by players requires the organizer to lock X number of their MZR tokens before the end of the tournament.

  • The purchase and renewal of the “Manager” services, as well as bonuses from the manager, which are paid to the player MZR.

  • All commissions from the marketplace go towards buying and burning MZR.

  • Permanently increase the amount of STRC received from quests, tournaments, and browls

  • Sponsors and partners can lock their tokens in order for their brands to be represented inside the game (buildingы, banner, item, etc.).

  • The player is required to lock X MZR tokens in order to mint the character, when the character is deleted, the tokens are returned to the player.

Inflationary STRC utility (unlimited mint based on game mechanics):

  • Acquisition of strikes and stances by players in in-game gyms

  • Purchasing cosmetic in-game items from NFT Market Place

  • Public transport / fast travel around the city.

  • Using STRC to participate in duels, brawls, and tournaments against other players.

  • The use of STRC to organize their own tournaments and brawls by players, with a performance-based burn/mint mechanic.

  • Burning STRC tokens to recover from fatigue.

  • Burning STRC tokens to restore energy.

Core Game Mechanics and the use of MZR and STRC:

  • When a player organizes a tournament, he needs to lock X amount of MZR in a liquidity pool (the amount depends on the number of players that the organizer expects to participate in the tournament), as well as “burn” X amount of STRC.

    If the event is successful, the organizer will be able to unlock the previously locked MZR.

    The organizer will also earn X MZR and X STRC depending on the success of the event and the number of players who took part in it.

  • In case of the event being unsuccessful, the organizer will be able to unlock the previously locked MZR. However, he will not earn new MZR if he has not collected a predetermined number of participants for the event. The player will earn X STRC depending on the success of the event and the number of players who participated in it.

  • When players arrange a duel, both players must contribute X number of STRC, X% of which will be “burned” to decrease the total supply of STRC.

  • All commissions collected from in-game interactions between players will be “burned” to regulate the total amount of STRC.

  • All STRC collected from NFT sales, strikes and racks will be burned to regulate the total volume of STRC.

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