What is Mazuri City

Where the history of Mazuri GameFi began?

Mazuri City is a magnificent futuristic city built on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. In the year 2040 United Nations decided to make all types of physical violence completely illegal, including fighting promotions, boxing championships, and many other martial arts. Due to that, the fighters from all over the world decided to come together and form the "United Underground". Afterward, tensions started rising between the Underground and the government. Confrontations were taking place all over the world. Due to that, the government decided to work with the Underground and came up with a solution. An Island was Created. It was called Mazuri and was made a special tax zone. That Island was to be the only place in the world where physical confrontations were entirely legal. Due to that, it was the number one destination for all the best fighters, coaches, and many entertainment businesses. As it often happens with big money, the Underworld got split up into eight different gangs, each represention a distinct culture from the real world.

Our Gangs:

  • North Americans

  • South Americans

  • Western Europe

  • Eastern Europe

  • Africa

  • East Asia

  • South Asia

  • Middle east

Mazuri City was built for those who seek fame and wealth. Boxers, martial artists, wrestlers, and many others come here in search of development and prosperity. Some players will choose to ascend in the ranks of their gang in order to yeild more gains and power within the city.

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