Characters Mechanics and Gangs

How do characters work in Mazuri GameFI?

In Mazuri, players will be able to mint their characters on-chain and will store them in their wallets. The Player's Character is their avatar. Players will hone and grow their fighters in order to become more than they are at the beginning of the game. Tending after your fighter will be crucial due to the "Fatigue" mechanic.

Players do not have to mint their characters right away, they can play and receive Street Cred, $MZR, and Strike NFTs, but they will not be able to transfer or withdraw any of their assets until their character is minted. However, the more Street Cred the character has accumulated, the higher is going to be the minting cost.

Character presets:

Mazuri will have three main weight categories which will alter the general playstyle players will have.


  • Strength= Hit-points.

  • Fast/Slow= Strike/movement speed.

  • Stamina= Amount of energy spent on moves.

Depending on your weight your stamina, hitpoint, and speed will be affected.

  • Heavyweight: Super strong, very slow, medium stamina.

  • Light heavyweight: Very Strong, slow, good stamina.

  • Middleweight: Strong, Fast, Amazing stamina.

Players will dress up their fighters as they want. They will also be able to personalize them in the Gang affiliated dress code, depending on which of the eight gangs the players joins.

Our Gangs:

  • North Americans

  • South Americans

  • Western Europe

  • Eastern Europe

  • Africa

  • East Asia

  • South Asia

  • Middle east

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