Player Progression and Street Cred

How players progress and what the endgame is.

Every player will start from the outskirts of the city. Every player will have 0 street cred and must go through a tutorial. After completing the tutorial players will earn a small number of tokens to get started. Those tokens will be staked automatically for 5 years, however, players can already use them in duels.

After the tutorial players will be let out in the city where they will be able to engage in activities and may start fighting right away, players will be incentivized to go through the main campaign scenario in order to earn a few basic stances and new strikes in the form of NFTs.

As players fight and the progress they will increase their Street Cred. After the threshold of 1000 Street cred is breached players will be allowed to join a gang of their choice, or create their own.

The more Street Cred players have the more access they will have to the city infrastructure. Higher Street Cred players will be able to participate in better-paying tournaments. Street Cred will also affect players' rank in a gang that he or she is in.

The highest street cred players will have access to unique real estate, vehicles, costumes, and stances/strikes.


Players will have the ability to purchase in-game apartments and houses, which will be customizable, via the purchase of furniture and decorations. Players will be able to host brawls there and can even make their cyber-estate gang hub.

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