Combat Mechanincs

Here we explain how players will fight and win and customize their fighters

As stated previously, players will be able to dress up their characters, however that is not all. Aside from the clothing inventory players will also have a "strikes inventory". Each player will have access to several stances.

These stances will affect how players defend themselves in fights, from blocks to dodges. Players will be able to equip each stance with a striking arsenal of 8 strikes per stance plus an ultimative strike. This will allow for adaptive PvP where anyone can defeat anyone with the right reaction and skillset. All the said strikes and stances will be buyable and earnable via either a trainer, an ingame scenario bought as an NFT, or by earning enough street cred.


Players will be incentivized to learn new strikes and stances in order to have a much broader spectrum of fighting capabilities. However, due to combination mechanics, some strikes will go better with one another and with related stances then others, so players will have to train and fight in order to figure out the best combination suited to them.


  • Kung FU

  • Karate

  • Boxing

  • Taekwondo

  • Savate

  • Tang Soo Do

  • Capoeira

  • Ba Gua Zhang

  • Pak Mei

  • Kick-Boxing

  • and many many more yet to come.

Fatigue and Injuries:

Every time a player finishes fighting another player - his Fatigue bar will get filled more. When his Fatigue bar is full a player is incentivized to rest and wait until the bar goes down. It is done in order to avoid bots and people artificially inflating the pricing of the token.

If the Fatigue bar fills up players will have a high chance of getting injured which will affect their fighting performance and might even render certain strikes useless. This is done so that players that are fighting in tournaments have a more realistic experience. We believe that a fighter that fought ten consecutive battles has to take into consideration that certain strikes might not be accessible to him/her and will have to adapt.

In order to treat injuries faster, players can purchase special medicine, which will fully rejuvenate their fighters.

A way of increasing the speed at which Fatigue goes away is to own in-game cyber-estate.

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