PvP and Tournaments

How players interact and make tokens

Mazuri is very PvP-oriented and the main way players will interact non socially is through combat.


Duels are 1 vs 1 fights that can be done anywhere in the city. Players challenge each other to fight and choose the following two things: how much they would like to bet on themselves and how many rounds they are going to fight. The winner takes 95% of the total pool and earns Street Cred, whereas the loser loses Street Cred. However, players are more than welcome to fight each other without betting on themselves. In this case, players will still earn or lose street cred.


Brawls are Free For Alls or player-made tournaments with their own fees, rules, and prices. Players can earn their street cred and tokens as a team in this mode.


Tournaments are organized by us, the game-masters. they will be regular, for different fighter ranks and will yield much bigger prizes.

Gang Wars

Gang wars are exactly what they sound like. Players participating in gang wars will be incentivized to go out in the city alone or as a group and beat up players from other gangs without consent. Be wary, because other gangs will be hunting you as well. Gang wars allow for raiding other gangs territories and taking their tokens.

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