NFT Release Schedule

New NFT assets will be released periodically by the game developer with careful consideration of the inflationary impact of the release. Prior to the allocation of a new assets tranche, an analysis of the current demand for assets from new players, growth in the number of users, availability of assets on NFT trading floors and natural deflation of assets as a result of interactions in high-risk areas will be carried out. Every effort will be made to reduce the negative impact of these future sales on players and asset holders.
Special attention will be paid to assets issued in earlier versions with unique benefits bestowed upon them.

NFT Marketplace

Mazuri GameFI Marketplace is a one-stop trading platform that connects all players in the game so that they can buy and sell all types of assets, from clothing to cyber-estate. Most of the assets traded on the Marketplace will be earned by completing in-game tasks and reaching in-game thresholds. One NFT will be unlock five others etc. However, this platform will also be available for the resale of assets acquired during the presale and concept sale.
Other players will post betting offers or immediately agree to the set price limit.
Due to irrecoverable losses during normal economic activity, all assets are considered deflationary. This deflationary asset burn mechanism guarantees that all assets are unique and limited, unlike traditional online games.
Last modified 6mo ago